Communication involves many aspects

Technical and industrial translations

Specifications, instructions, manuals and safety documentation – technical contexts, in particular demand a high level of expertise and specialized know-how.

Whether you've received an advance copy of a specification in French or need your product description in five languages: We are your source for top-quality technical translations.

Medical and medical technology translations

Companies whose medical products are sent around the world, companies with revolutionary new developments, patients after accidents or major operations. Precise, correct translation of medical information (medical translation) is a key to this: it can also be of vital importance for saving lives. Ambiguousness or a lack of precision is not tolerable.

We have decided to use our knowledge and capabilities to serve medicine and medical technology for the patient’s well-being.


Benefit from the infinite potentials of international business contacts to get your projects and campaigns off to precisely the right start. Conquer new markets outside your own language territory.

With an experienced interpreter by your side, you and your customers speak the same language.